Current foundation routine: the concealer way



You know what I love about summer? Apart from the nice weather, sunny days, long nights, wearing shorts and getting tan? My daily makeup is minimized to the absolute minimum. My summer makeup routine is quick and easy, bordering on lazy. After getting eyelash extensions last week, I can be ready and out the door in less than 10 minutes. This is insane. One of the products I take out of the FOTD equation for summer is foundation. I never wear a full face of foundation during the hotter days, for one because it’ll just come of in sweats during the day. Another reason is I find it a shame to cover up the freckly summer skin. But I wasn’t born with a perfect base, and for that I go for the foundation routine: the concealer way. 

Since first trying the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation last year I have loved it, and when going back for a re-purchase I grabbed the concealer as well. Like the foundation it’s good for many reasons. The coverage is good, the feel of the product is light and the smell is quite nice. The biggest win for the Wake Me Up range is the texture of the product (It reminds me of the MaxFactor Xperience foundation which I loved, but sadly my skin did not like it at all) as it goes on smoothly and sits kind of like a moisturizer. I apply the concealer where needed; Around nose, chin, the occasional spot and in the corners of my eyes. To blend it in seamlessly I use the Real Techniques Setting brush. It’s so good at blending in concealer, I cannot fathom how this does not get more praise; it’s like a mini version of the much talked about RT buffing brush. I absolutely love how easy and effective it is. Blends like a dream! These two products together have made my summer foundation routine, and I consider them both staples in my base makeup stash.


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