5 tips for boosting up your confidence




Image via Pinterest from Remarkable Relist.

I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest, and felt the need to not only pin it and save it, but also to share it. It is way too easy to forget your own worth and how capable you are today. I’m not going into why, but I will share five tips for boosting your own confidence and remembering how good you are.


1. Stop comparing

This is one of the main reasons why we forget everything we are capable of, and focus on what ‘everyone else’ can do better. Do you remember the song “Anything you can do I can do better?” Yep, that’s still not a positive way of thinking, but it sure beats thinking you’re a lesser person because of what another person can do. You are not everyone else’s accomplishments.

2. Speak positivity

Just like you shouldn’t bring yourself down over someone else; don’t bring yourself down full stop. You have to focus energy on saying positive things about yourself, to yourself. It’s a cliche that you should start every day with saying something good and positive to yourself in the mirror, but cliches are just that for a reason.

3. Collect your victories

Make a list of your victories, being big or small, personal or professional. Seeing what you can do on a physical piece of paper might help you realize what you have done – and with that what you can do. It’s also important that you count the small victories and accomplishments, those matter too you know.

4. Revisit your capabilities

Take a trip down memory lane. What have you previously done that you never thought you would, up until that point? What tasks have you successfully completed, what challenges have you overcome, what roles have you taken on that surprised you? If you start adding them up, I’m sure you have  amazed yourself many times before.

5. Do what you love

This is the most important part of reaching your own potential, and to be happy and fulfilled in what you do. Do what you love, with everything that you are and everything that you have. In this day and age, we have endless opportunities – go for what you want to do, even if it scares you. I am in my last year of a degree that might never give me a stable job; but I love what I do, and I know in my heart that this is what I want. If you want it you can do it, and what you want is in your heart.


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