Weekly beauty craving: The texturizing spray


Image via Pinterest.

Yes, this is where it’s at this Friday. The infamous Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. It’s much spoken about, much loved and I really, really want it. My hair is long, it’s thick, it’s heavy and in this heat it basically does whatever the hell it wants. The only time I can control it – or even handle it – is when it’s newly washed. But then we get the problematic situation where it’s too clean and it just doesn’t do anything at all! I find that texturizing sprays are a nice way to handle my hair, as I can spray some on the top layers and make them act a bit voluminous and bouncy, without adding product to the whole hair – as this results in some serious product build up, and heaviness.

I have tried the dupe for the Oribe spray, the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturizing Spray. Even though it does give a good finish, I dislike it for two reasons. 1. The product builds up and creates a block, and I end up desperately pocking the spray-opening with a pin. 2. The smell is really not good. Too sweet and flowery for my taste, whereas the Oribe products always smell so devine! Now the problem with Oribe is that, in addition to allready being on the pricy side, I can’t get them easily. The less hassled way of acquiring them would be to order them from eBay or the likes, which means a customs fee and in the end a very expensive product. But from what I hear, it might just be worth it?


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