Nighttime skincare part 2



Here comes the second part of my nighttime skincare routine, if you haven’t read part one you can do that HERE.

I first go in with a serum, right now I am using the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I quite like this, especially because of the smell. I can’t say I can see the visible effects of this when using it, but when i stop using it – my skin instantly misses it! So I guess it’s really working. For my eyes I really enjoy the Origins GinZeng refreshing eye cream. As everyone and their mother, I suffer from puffiness and darkness under and around my eyes. The GinZeng does relieve some puffiness, and I can see results when I use this – especially when I use it in combination with getting a proper good nights sleep… As for a moisturizer I go from one thing to the next, my only demand is that it’s high in moisture and good for my sensitive skin. La Roche Posay does some really good moisturizers, and I use the Toleriane for when my skin craves moisture, and the Effaclare Duo when it’s acting up and blemishy. If my skin is super thirsty, I go in with the Origins Drink Up- Intensive overnight mask. This stuff is amazing. Smells like citrus and really feeds the skin moisture over night. If I use the Drink Up I use it straight over the serum. The mask can also be left on for 10-20 minutes and rinsed of, if you need a little skin pick me up.


Online fave: The Architect’s of Style



Image via Pinterest / ELLE: by Everett Collection

American ELLE posted an online article called “The Architect’s of Style: Mischa Barton as ‘The O.C.’s Marissa Cooper'”. Every kid growing up with The O.C. on the screen remembers Marissa Cooper, and her good girl gone bad ways. Her style was definately an inspiration to many, and this ELLE piece goes into the depth of why and how Marissa Cooper shaped style. Mischa herself is interviewed, sharing her own thoughts on how fashion and style helped her connect to the girl she was portraying.

I just love this piece because it’s nostalgic and well-written; a true fashion newspiece, a genre ELLE always does so well. You can read the piece HERE.

MAC Blushbaby



An often reached for, but not so much noticed, product in my makeup stash is a MAC blush. I’ve never really gotten into the MAC blushes – maybe because of the quite overwhelming colour selection. But one of the first blushes I ever noticed and purchased from MAC, is “Blushbaby“. It’s a sheertone powder blush, and the colour in the pan is best described as a cool rosy purple mauve (again, I am so terrible with colour descriptions!). On the cheek however, it really turns into a quite realistic flush. I use the Duo Fibre F50 from Sigma to apply it to the top of the cheekbone, and half of my apples. Such a realistic, but still noticable colour.

Most definately a colour to check out the next time you’re at a MAC counter. What’s your often forgotten favorite blush?

Nighttime skincare part 1



Let’s be honest, there are nights where you just can’t be arsed to go through the whole makeup-removing regime, right? Wrong! Yes, everyone goes on about it, but removing makeup and cleansing your skin is the best you can do to keep your skin clean. Also, it really is a habit you should adapt ASAP. I used to be a cleansing floosy, but now I wouldn’t dream of going to bed without my skn feeling fresh and clean. This is the first part of my nighttime skincare routine. Skin disclaimer: My skin is combination to dry, quite sensitive and I suffer from some eczema/dry patches.

I first remove my eye makeup with The Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye and lip make-up remover. I use waterproof mascara on a daily basis, to keep the curl, and this is the first makeup remover I have used that really melts all product away. It’s oil based (meaning you have to shake it up before use) and it leaves the eye area cleansed and smooth.  For my face, I am a part of the Bioderma fan base. The Micellaire water is a great and light way to remove makeup, but with it being so light I really feel a need to double-cleanse. For this, I use the Emma Hardie amazing face moringa cleansing balm. I have written a whole post about this stuff, amazing really is the word! For a toner, I use the La Roche Posay serozink sulfate solution. Because I have some dry patches, I spray it on a cotton pad and dab it on my face – avoiding the dry patches. I’m not sure if this is a love-affaire, but I like how it leaves my face clean and that it stings any blemishes. Yes, I’m one of those girls who doesn’t believe it does something until it kind of hurts!

Part 2 soon to come.

5 tips for a productive week



Image via Pinterest (anyone remember this movie?). 

Once again the week is over – and a new one is starting. Sundays well spent are great for both, and one way to utilize your Sunday is to get into a good mind set. One way is to completely relax and spend time on yourself. Another is to get ready for the week ahead; and to strive for productivity and effieciency.


1. Lists

Yes, we hear it everywhere! Lists are the key to staying organized. But remember to do it the way that suits you. Are you constantly attached yo your smartphone? Make your lists on it, and use the calendar for appointments. Personally, I have to write everything down by hand for me to remember it.

2. Planning

Plan your week as best you can. Again, a calendar will do so much good here! I bought a brown leather Filofax in Covent Garden years ago, and I love it. But it’s as heavy as my textbooks and I can’t be arsed to drag it around everywhere. Now  the Moleskine weekly notebook is my trusted friend.When planning your week you get a overview of which days are busy, which can be used for catching up with friends and when you really need to get to bed early. Having an overview makes the week so much more productive, as you always know what you are doing. Colour coding is also a really effective way of keeping appointments apart, especially if you use the same planner for work, school, social activities and so on.

3.  Plan your outfits

As with planning the week, an overview makes it all much easier. When you know what you’re doing everyday, you can easily plan your outfits to the tasks. Are you working from home on Tuesday? No need to iron that shirt or pick a matching skirt. Have a chilled lunch meeting on Wednesday? Find the outfit now, and you won’t have to worry about that on the morning. Going straight from work to a dinner on Friday? Plan your outfit, and you’re prepared.

4. Make time 

This might seem a bit heavy on the planning, but it really helps! If you plan your lengthy showers, self-tanning sessions and deep treatment hair masks, you can make time for them and they don’t become a hassle. This is actually more about taking time for yourself, and keeping those self-focused plans calm and relaxing. If you schedule a two hour beauty session on Thursday night, you know you’ll really take those two hours and enjoy them. In our time and age we actually need to make time for us – no phone, no email, no internet.

5. Schedule empty hours

Just as we have to make time for ourselves, it can be a real help to schedule some empty hours. If you rush from one meeting to another, from task to task with no breaks, there is no time for the unforeseen tasks or meetings that might pop up. After all, they always do! If you schedule some empty hours you can use those for spontaneous meetings, or for getting ahead on tasks. It’s really effective, and prevents a lot of stress and overtime.

Saturday Obsession: Messy long bob

I love having long hair, and having saved my hair for two years after the last time I cut it, I am quite happy about it. But then I go on to Chapter Friday (a genius website, Yara and her team are brilliant at the content they make) and take a glance at Yara’s hair and then… Well, it’s kind of like the fringe. My eyes go towards the scissors and I start to think “well, it is just hair“. For now I think I’ll let it be with the pictures, but I really love the effortless look of the messy, shoulder length hair. Alexa Chung has perfected this style for a long time. Olivia Palermo does it really well, and of course, my main girl crush Sienna Miller looks adorable in this style. The effortlessness and easy mess makes this style look very chic, but not too styled and proper. With natural waves and layers, it flows really well.

I always end up looking a bit crazy with this style as my hair is really thick and frizzy. But when I get over the long rug of a hair I have now, I might just take these pictures to the hairdressers.



e325129f1bcf625acfa1c16487fb729fAll images and more can be found on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.


The Weekly Beauty Craving: a new lipstick


I don’t know about you, but I feel like that spare place in that container needs to be filled. Yes, I have a lot of lipsticks in my drawer, so it’s not like I don’t have a lipstick to physically put there. But the container is reserved for the very special ones and that makes the stash deserving of a new one, am I right? Right now the container houses YSL Rouge Volupté in number 6, Bobbi Brown in number 22 Sandwash Pink, Makeup Store in Wobble, MAC Hue (glaze), MAC Creme D’Nude (creemsheen), Chanel rouge coco shine in number 54 Boy, MAC Creme De la Femme (frost) and Chanel rouge coco shine in number 52 Fetiche. MAC Patisserie would be a natural choice for the empty space, but that sits permanently in my in-handbag makeup bag.

I am feeling a bit darker, but still natural shade. Something that is no fuss, and long lasting. Do you have any recommendations?