Online fave: Workout videos for free

So the past year and a half, I’ve gotten seriously in to working out. I’ve never been a gym bunny, and with both knee and foot issues, I’m not much of a runner. But HIIT (high intensity interval training) and pure strength workouts are my love. As I’ve previously joined gyms, just to end up spending the money on memberships but never going, I’ve made a point of cheap workouts. Cue YouTube and Jillian Michale’s videos. Michaels kicks my butt, and I love her 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30 and Killer Buns and Thighs. She also has a good take on incorporating yoga into your workout, with the Yoga Meltdown series. Now for the free videos.

For my HIIT and strength sessions, I turn to XHIT. Especially I like Rebecca Louise, and her videos for abs and arms. The videos are short, and I usually combine three to five for a good workout. All I use is a mat, some free weights (I have two sets, one heavier than the other) and workout clothes. This is the most expensive part of my workout obsession, as I spend quite some money on equipment. But good shoes are a godsend and I am so in love with my Nike Lunareclipse. 

I also enjoy yoga, and for this I have two girls I go to. One is Erin Motz, such a bubbly, sweet girl. Erin has a 30 day yoga challenge which has quite short, beginner level videos. This series is perfect for you if you’re starting out with yoga! recently I have been craving more intense yoga practice, and for this Yoga by Candace and her vinyasa flows are perfect. Check out the videos if you’re contemplating starting out with some exercise. It’s not nearly as intimidating as going to the gym, and I do appreciate being within walking distance of my own shower and all of my products. An added bonus to working out at home!

This is one of my favorite ab workouts lately!


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