Current eyeshadow


Lately I have found myself in a makeup rut; meaning I am turning to the same products each and every day. I think this is normal for the summertime, when every day seems like the one before and the routine get’s more lazy and monotonous. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I’ve really fallen in love with some products that have been neglected.

My routine when regarding mascara and eyeliner has not changes since this post. My eyebrows are recently coloured, and therefore I just fill them in with a little powder. For eyeshadow I use All that glitters all over the lid – the love for this product is real! Then I have fallen in love with my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette all over again. The two brown shades in this palette are so perfect. I buff them into the crease, very lightly, and when using some time they blend really nicely. For definition I use the black shadow as an eyeliner on the top lashes. For a glowy flush I finish the eyes with a touch of the Bourjois blush in 16 Rose all over the eyelid. This warms up the look, and ties it together with my blush and bronzer – As well as the hundreds of freckles that take over my face during these sunny months!



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