5 ways to spice up your water


Image via Pinterest.

So, it’s summertime and if there was ever a time for bumping up the water intake it would be now. It’s a part of every “how to feel better” list and a new years resolution amongst many: Drink more water. But actually getting down all that H2O seems to be a common challenge. Here are five ways to make the task a little bit more simple.

1. Bottle it

It seems odd, but using a water bottle rather than a glass makes water intake easier. Get a bottle you think is pretty (The bkr water bottle is quite cute) and keep it within reach. It really umphs up the daily intake if it’s handy at all times, and with a bottle you can keep hydrated on the go.

2. Ice ice baby

Adding ice makes the water fresh and cold, as well as tasty. There are also some added health benefits to drinking icewater, and it’s a good way to keep cool in the summertime.

3. Get fruity!

This is such a good tips for those of you who chose juice or soft drinks over water, as it mostly is due to the taste. If you don’t fancy the water taste, cut up some fruit and add it to your water. I like to slice cucumber, lemons, limes and somethimes some mint leaves, but it is also really taste if you add sweeter fruits like peaches or mangos, or even berries.

4. Straw

Yes, it seems weird but drinking through a straw – or using a Camelbak as a container – is an easy way to get more water in during the day.

5. Accesbility

This is a no brainer, or it should be, but keeping water available will help you drink more. Make the conscious effort of preparing some nice icewater with some lemons each day. If you work from home you can keep a mug in the fridge. If you go to school, you should have access to fresh water. There are no excuses, you just have to set your mind to it.


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