Weekly Beauty Craving: A new fragrance



Image via Pinterest.

I’m not so experimental when it comes to perfume and fragrance. I use the Burberry London in the Fall/Winter, and the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle during the Spring/Summer. To change it up, I rotate some of the Body Shop fragrances (the coconut one is constantly in my hair this summer). But recently I have been craving a new fragrance, and a particular one in special.

Masion Martin Margiela is a brand most known for their clothes – the H&M collaboration collection was over-blogged about, non? But during a trip abroad this spring I was in a Sephora-alike shop, having a sniff at the many fragrances. This is where my eyes fell on the beautifulness that is the bottle of the MMM REPLICA perfumes. Seriously, packaging always lures me in. I sniffed all of the bottles, but it was the rather wonderfully named “Lazy Sunday Morning” that really captured my heart. It smells so fresh, but still quite masculine and sexy. My thought wander to a bed, with the bedding still warm… Brushing on 50 Shades territroy here, but you catch my drift. Its not an offensively sexy scent, but it stayed on my skin for the whole day – and this almost never happens. I feel like I need a bit of “Lazy Sunday Morning” in my life, and a purchase might not be far of…

What’s your favourite scent?


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