The workspace beauty bits


When spending the majority of the day by your computer, you need some beauty bits within reach. Some are necessities when cramping in a good five hour long work session. Others are just little luxuries that can make a long day a little nicer. As you will soon see, it’s all about hydration and moisture when working.

For the hands we have the infamous Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. Such a nice and rich hand cream, which I use consistently throughout the day. It gives good moisture, without making your hands all greasy – grease plus keyboard is no good match.

To keep the face fresh and awake, I use the Body Shops Vitamin E face mist consistently (obsessively might be a better word here…). I used to think that face mists were a bit too much of a luxury; seriously, water for your face? But then I went through some of them (Avene, Maya water, Evian etc) and found that they are great additions in many ways. When wearing makeup you can use a mist to add some moisture, without messing the makeup up. It’s also a good one to keep at hand when applying your makeup, if the application becomes a bit too matte. A fast sprits, and you get a nice dewy look and feel. The Body Shop one is hydrating and nourishing, and you can’t feel it on your skin, which for me is a big plus.

When wearing nail polish – which is always because A. I feel completely naked without it and B. Because my nails will break all over the keyboard if not – a good top coat should be close. Hammering away on the keyboard will take its toll on your nails, and the top coat can save your manicure and your tips. I of course keep the Shinissme Gel close.

I don’t know if the computer screen actually sucks away any moisture, or if it just feels like it. But as my face feels dry after some time at the desk, so does the hands and nails. A good nail oil, or similar treatment, like the Body Shop Almond nail and cuticle oil is good to keep at hand. Both because it does your nails good to get some extra moisture, but also because it’s nice to make it a part of your moisturizing break; face, hands and nails get the treatment, and your brain gets a much needed break.

For the lips, there is no doubt: the Nuxe Rêve de Miel is the one and only. I have expressed my love for it before, which you can read more about it HERE.

For a more, greased up moisture – and for those longer breaks, as this one leaves your hands quite greasy – I go for a body butter. The Body Shop (a quite clear favorite with me, it would seem) does it good with the butters. The mini-tubs they have are genius as they fit well in your handbag, and on your desk. I switch between the coconut and the almond butter, both smells really good and give an intense moisture. But as mentioned, they leave you greasy – so make a cup of tea, whip on a YouTube video and enjoy your break!

In addition to these bits I always keep a big bottle of water, chewing gum and hair ties close at hand. What’s a staple at your desk?



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