Online fave: Three good ones from Netflix



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I never intended on being a part of the Netflix-scene, but it seems inevitable. Now, one thing about Netflix is the never ending searching for something to watch. Seriously, it takes more time than the actual watching. Therefore I constantly google for other peoples Netflix faves. Here’s three of my favorite Netflix finds.

1. House of Cards

I know I know, everyone and their mother goes on about this show. I waited forever before checking it out – it seems sometime that a hype will turn me away from things, rather than take me with it. Oh well. House of Cards revolves around Francis Underwood. Francis is a part of Congress, and we follow him on his way as he and his wife Claire climbs the power ladder of the American political system. Kevin Spacey does such a good job, and he really perfects the line between in control and losing control so well. Please, just check it out.

2. Stuck in Love

Now for something different. This movie is such a sweet rom-com, but very different from the standard. With Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins, Jennifer Connolly and Logan Lerman, it really captures the experiences that comes with love and such. With a more grown-up approach (sex, drugs and so on) to the rom-com, I really think this is one of the better in the genre. Also a big plus for it revolving around literature and writing.

3. The Fall

This mini-series is one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever seen. Set in Belfast, Ireland we follow two hunters; one is a serial killer, hunting young women. The other is Stella Gibson, the investigator hunting the killer. I don’t normally like crimes where the killer is known form the beginning, but seeing him interact with his family, his co-workers and knowing what he can do. So creepy, and so well done. The acting in this show is superb, the soon-to-be Mr. Gray Jamie Dornan does a fantastic job as a complete nutcase. Gillian Anderson (from Hannibal) portrays Gibson so well.  The way the two hunters and their stories end up intertwining is just so exciting. But be warned, this is a really, really scary show. I cannot wait for series 2!


In addition to this, Netflix is full of good documentaries. Check out the Carly’s list  The College Prepster.


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