The beauty bloggers made me do it: Real Techniques



It’s Monday and I wanted to whip out another “the beauty bloggers made me do it” justified purchase. A few weeks ago feelunique had an offer on Sam’s picks pack of the Real Techniques brushes. Now, Sam and Nic Chapman, the sisters behind the YouTube channel Pixiwoo are infamous in the beauty blogging/vlogging world and for good reason. They do great, well-explained tutorials and really know their stuff. When they released their own makeup brushes it was with a lot of research and experience in their back pocket,  resulting in some really good brushes. At least, that what everyone said! Most YouTube girls are using these brushes, and especially the buffing brush has been getting a lot of love from the likes of ViviannaDoesMakeup, Zoella and Leigannsays.

So with many a good recommendation, I purchased the set and awaited its arrival with excitement and suspense. When it finally arrived (after going through customs, oh how they love to take my money!) I ripped the packet open and proceeded to try out all five brushes. Hello, lovers! Now, they are all really good. I usually reserve the favorite spots for my Sigma brushes, or the Sephoras own brushes, but the buffing brush is up there in the top five! It lays perfectly in the hand, distributes product evenly and really buffs the foundation in (as the name suggests…) without sucking up too much product. I use it in combination with the Dior glow maximizer and the Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua mixed together. The finish is so nice; dewy and even, but still very light. A summer favourite, and I am – once again – happy that I let the beauty bloggers convince me!


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