5 Sunday reads: Beauty blogs



Sunday could also be named the day of beauty blogs, and YouTube binge watching. My feed is especially juicy on Sundays, and it’s the one day I can catch up on beauty reads. Here are some of the blogs I check in on.

1. Buy now, blog later

Laura – also known as Lollipop26, for those who were lucky enough to catch her in her YouTube days (I still miss her videos) – is such a gorgeous girl, and she really knows makeup. Buy now, blog later is a blog based on beauty, fashion and everything in between. With Dubai being the scenery Laura posts OTDs, FOTDs and her (many) beauty purchases. Such an inspiring blog, but be warned; you will be tempted to splurge on makeup and clothes when reading this on a regular basis!

2. Youblush beauty

Written by Sarah Rostrup, beauty editor of the danish magazine Eurowoman, You Blush Beauty is a very good read. The posts are short and sweet, and Sarah brings a mixture of beauty, fashion and personal posts. She writes in danish, but includes an English translation in every posts. This is my go-to blog for product tips and hair inspo.

3. Vivianna Does Makeup

A very natural part of such a list, Anna from VDM is a favorite both in the blogosphere and on YouTube. She does great pieces on products, looks and life on her website. On YouTube she shares all about her beauty obsession, and this girl really have some knowledge about products. She is also very good at selling stuff she likes, which is a good thing as this is how I have discovered a love for many a product.

4. Caroline Hirons 

This lady is the queen of skincare! Caroline Hirons is a professional skincare queen (meaning she is actually a fascialist, and has a lot of experience from the world of products) turned blogger and YouTuber – hurrah! She is so full of knowledge, and makes skincare seem more easy and understandable than any other. I first discovered her in a skincare video she did with Ruth from AModelRecomends, and was sold on how she speaks about products. Caroline makes me want to take such good care of my skin – as I should – and I really enjoy her posts and videos.

5.  Simone Loves Makeup

Simone Scribes is another Dubai based blogger, and I first discovered her through her weekly vlogs – which were linked on Laura’s blog. Simone is first of all just so sweet and likable, and I love her vlogs! But she also does some really good beauty videos, and of course, her blog is amaze. She writes about products, clothes, hair care and skin care. Basically everything I love, and more. She also has some posts about her personal life, and I really enjoy the way she writes and her form!


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