Saturday Obsession: Lindsay on OWN



Image via Oprah’s Pinterest

Ok, a bit of a ‘guilty pleasure’ today. I am a huge fan of documentaries and reality TV. This combined with being a sucker for all things Oprah, makes Lindsay a bit of a no-brainer. If you haven’t heard about it, Lindsay is a TV-series revolving around Lindsay Lohan, yes the LiLo, and her so-called comeback i.e. her struggle to get back on track after her most recent stay in rehab. The show was aired on OWN, but I watched it (streamed it…) online.

Having grown up with The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Dramaqueen, I am of course a (somewhat closeted) LiLo fan. Her movies have definitely shaped our generation – everyone and their mother are quoting Mean Girls on a regular basis. And when watching the interview Oprah did with Lindsay when she was fresh out of rehab, I too believed Lindsay when she said she was ready to change and to stay sober. And this is why i so love the show Lindsay; you really see how much of a struggle everyday life can be for her, or anyone trying to recover from substance abuse. And you watch her growing and learning on her way to a (hopefully) better and easier life. I’m not sure if she’s all better or if she is in fact just a good actress but some things I know from watching the show:

1. Good on her for trying, and for calling people out on their bullshit (the quote “Until I f*** up, you can’t assume that I’m going to” is my new quote to live by).
2. I secretly absolutely love Lindsay’s style; red lips, messy hair and bare legs. Heroin chic personified.
3. “How many shoes and clothing items can one girl have!?” – something I never thought I would ever scream at a TV.
4. I never, ever want to be famous.
5. You cannot judge people, ever, because you never really know their story.


More Lindsay inspiration on the Etc. Beauty’s Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.


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