The Weekly Beauty Craving: A re-purchase



This week the beauty craving is for a re-purchase, and the craving is so real that I might be clicking it home from feelunique when I’m finished typing up this post.

The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm is (if not already) a soon to be skincare staple in most beauty blogger cabinets. This balm has become a staple in my skincare routine, and serves the purpose of the second cleanser – a step that has become increasingly more popular, and common. After removing all makeup with a micellar water, I rub a tiny bit of the cleansing balm into my skin. The balm transforms to a more oily balm on the face, and it really feels like you are feeding your skin moisture. If you don’t know how that feels, it is really a rather nice feeling.

I use the Emma Hardie cleansing cloths to remove it, it makes the whole process that much more luxy and nice. I’ve had this pot for a really, really long time and it’s an every night kind of product; so even though it is kind of pricy, it’s long lasting and a much worth it treat for your skin. The cleansing balm gives the face a good cleanse, a heavy dose of moisture and a freshness that you can’t really get with a micellar water or a face mask. I just love it, and with that I am heading over to the feelunique skin care section!


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