Four reasons to go for plaits



Plaits might throw you back to your younger years, and yes they might look a bit youthfull; unless you go for the milkmaid style that everyone is rocking these days, very Mary-Kate Olsen. But this post is all about why you should braid your hair while sleeping.

1. No knots

Really, if you have long hair or just hair that tangles easily, sleeping with braided hair is a lifesaver. It is wonderfull to wake up in the morning, take out the braids and not a knot in sight!

2. Deep treatment

When braiding your hair at night, apply a generous amount of hair oil to your strands. The oil really gets to work in those braids, and you don’t end up with oil all over your pillow.

3. Natural waves

When taking out your plaits in the morning, the oil will have set into your hair and nourished it. In addition to this you have nice natural waves, as the oil wets the hair which will make the waves last a bit longer as well. So easy, and perfect for those mornings when you don’t really have time to do anything with your hair.

4. Hair growth

Now, not really sure if this is a proved fact or just hair-tales, but many claim that their hair grows faster when they sleep with plaits. If it’s true or not, time will show, but it doesn’t hurt to try right?


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