Face masks: the clay and the chemical



It is the tale of two face masks: one in the muddy, clay department, the other on the chemical side.

First we have the Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask. This baby is a true clay mask, and it is black. It’s a clearing mask, and like most clay masks it goes into the pores and really stirs things up. The Origins masks are always a pleasure to put on, and this is no exception. It dries really hard, and can feel a bit drying on the skin, so follow up with a good, rich moisturizer. The clear improvements does a good job at clearing the pores, and getting the grit out.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have REN Glycolactic radiance renewal mask. This is a much raved about acidic mask, and for good reason. It has the texture of jam, and tingles your skin a bit when applied. Keep this away from your eye area and any active breakout! The mask gets warmer as you wear it and after 10-20 minutes you rinse it off; preferably with a muslin cloth. This mask really renews your skin in the way that you get a really nice glow when you’ve used it. This one is really good after a bad skin period (after that time of the month for example) when you need a quick boost to your skin.


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