L’oréal La Manicure Shinissme Gel




aka The best top coat ever. 

You know what they say: A nail polish is only as good as its top coat. Ok, maybe ‘they’ don’t say that, but it’s true. You can dedicate as much time and patience in applying your favorite nail varnish, but securing it with a good top coat is really the last important step to a good manicure. Having tried many a top coat over the years, I have finally found one that is worth the repurchase.

The L’oréal La Manicure Shinissme Gel Top Coat is really just so good. It’s easy to apply and surprisingly thin in formula, as it gives a quite thick overlay on the nail. It dries really, really shiny; every time I use this topcoat, I get questions about where I get my nails done. Winning. The gel formula (not really gel as it is not a permanent lacquer, but still) really seals the varnish and keeps the nails free of chipping for days and days.

Such a good product, but unfortunately the bottle is teeny tiny – please L’oréal, make it larger and I’ll be so happy!


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