Online fave: A shift in the beauty blogger community



Image via Gemsmaquillage.

Recently, there seems to have been a shift in the beauty blogger community. Or rather, the attitude of the community as a whole. Many bloggers have discussed how the community, and the once upon a time creatively based blogging, have now become a PR driven channel for marketing and sales. Personally I have been part of the blogosphere for the last ten years, and through work and my studies I have seen many sides to this commercialization and change in the world of blogs. There is much to say about this subject, and I could have written many a paragraph on it – but I am not going to. The online fave is dedicated to something created by someone else. This week, I urge you to read Gemma Tomlinson’s (from Gemsmaquillage, one of the original british youtubers and beauty bloggers) well-written and reflective post on this whole subject. “On falling back in love with blogging” is an important post, and it touches upon an important aspect of the beauty blogger community. The shift in the community seems to be one of positivity and a focus on being happy for each other. Away with jealousy and ill-willed competition, hello positive spirits!

Another post from Gemma which is very inspiring, is “Keep your chin up – Staying positive with perspective”. She also has a Pinterest board dedicated to positive quotes – check it out. This girl has a lot of wisdom! 


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