MAC lipstick in “Patisserie”



Oh come on, this one you saw coming right?

If there is one lipstick that should be part of your collection, it’s MACs Patisserie. It’s that “my lips but better” kind of colour everyone is looking for. It does look a lot like a well loved Chanel shade, but differs from Boy in that the texture is more creamy, and less sparkly. Patisserie is in a lustre finish, which makes it shear in the sense that it is buildable and it sets nicely on the lips. The texture is creamy, and unlike Boy you really don’t need a lip balm for base. It is helpful however, as the lasting power in Patisserie is not as good as in the Chanel lookalike.


Patisserie in colour is like a mix of other MAC faves, Hue and Angel or even Myth, combined. Absolutely a staple lipstick, which is a good one to throw into the purse as it can be slapped on without a mirror and still result in a somewhat decent application. About a month ago I read a twitter-rumor that MAC was discontinuing Patisserie. I find this doubtful, but I still panicked and purchased a back-up. Just in case.


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