The Weekly Beauty Craving: Body Soufflé


 Image via & Other Stories website

Last fall, on a mini-break to Copenhagen, I discovered the awesomeness that is & Other Stories.

& other Stories is a branch of the H&M group, and much like COS it offers higher quality products for a not-so-much-higher price. The style profile of & Other Stories is very minimalistic, and style focused. Classy and chic are terms that come to mind when describing the style, and the store (at least the one in Copenhagen) really has an amazing interior design.  If you are so lucky that you have access to this shop, I am a wee bit jealous. The clothes are such a nice quality, the style range is quite mammoth and the accessories are so so nice. But what really caught my attention? The beauty section, of course. Among brands like Eyeko, The Balm, This Works and L:A Bruket, & Other Stories offers it’s own products – and a wide range selection with that. Now, my Friday beauty craving is dedicated to the marvelous softness and moisture richness that is the Body Soufflè. I am all over body butters and moisturizing lotions, but the soufflé really ads a luxe feeling with it’s whipped texture. It comes in many scents, but my heart (and nose) immediately fell for the light pink Punk Bouquet. The & Other Stories website describes it as “Tiger orchid and dewy lotus flower are entwined with nutty almond and sweet tonka beans, overgrown by tree moss and topped with a splash of tangerine” Oh come on, you have to admit that sounds quite heavenly!

I am coming to the last scoop of my body soufflé, and it pains me that I cannot get this product as easily as I want. As of now the website does not ship to countries without a physical & Other Stories store, so I might just have to plan another Copenhagen trip soon. Because yes, the craving is that massive. 


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