ESSIE Urban Jungle



As mentioned in the ESSIE Reds post, when it comes to nailpolish, ESSIE never fails to offer every shade between here and eternity. Literally, 50 shades of pink anyone? And even with this enormous colour selection, they still never fail to bring out new I have to have that as I have nothing like it kind of shades every season. The Summer 2014 collection provides a lot of diversity. Some of the shades are absolutely crazy (Ruffles & Feathers in one example, I would never!), but there are some gems. I picked up Haute in the Heat and Urban Jungle, but am thinking there might be a need to go back and get Fierce, No Fear as well…


Urban Jungle is a light lilacy-pinky-greyish colour (why is colour and scent description so hard?) that changes shade with your skintone. When on the paler side it seems more pink-lilac, but if you are darker skinned, or for when the summer tan sets in, the greyness is more visible. It’s a good opaque varnish, by ESSIE standards this means two coats, and when sealed with a top coat (I used No Chips Ahead by ESSIE) it will last a good four-five days. For maximum nail protection, the Trind base coat is a staple – read more about that, and other tools for nailing your manicure HERE.


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