Online fave: Amelia Lianas PMS video

As a heavy user of the online sphere, I often stumble upon funny videos, clever tweets and helpful blogposts. Some I retweet, some I bookmark and some I just have to share. Amelia Liana – the skincare guru behind the blog and YouTube channel Liana Beauty – did something this past week which was both genius and groundbreaking. She made a Get Ready With Me: Pms and Period Style. I mean, how clever is that? It so consernes the largest part of the beauty community, yet it is very briefly touched upon. (I think this goes with the same trend of almost never showing tampons or birth control in what’s in my bag videos, but that’s for another time.) Anyway, Amelia does a great job with the video; offering tips and tricks for making this time of the month a bit more comfortable, with suggestions for snacks, decreasing bloating and makeup tips especially for the hormonally crazy times.

Check out the video, as well as the other videos on Amelia Liana. She’s quite the expert when it comes to skincare and to #feelingspendy.


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