The beauty bloggers made me do it: Diptyque candles

So, in the world of beauty blogging and vlogging, there are always some products and brands that keep popping up. At one point, everyone and their mother were talking about the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, the next moment no one would shut up about the Emma Hardie balm cleanser (which I grant you, is such a good product). Whatever it is, there is always something buzzing around. Sometimes these products fade away, other times the large demand of them keep them current; the Nars radiant creamy concealer being one of these infamous products I always find myself looking for when I happen to be in a Sephora (ie: very, very seldom). But sometimes, these products are so heavily talked about that I find myself thinking about them, wanting them and in the end I am craving them so bad, that I just have to have them. I justify these purchases by completely shifting all blame, and label them “the beauty bloggers made me do it”.

diptyqueThe first purchase in this category I want to mention, is a very highly debated purchase when it comes to my friends and family. I myself can easily justify spending a lot of money on a scented candle; it just gives me so much joy and pleasure! But others might not view it reasonable or even sane to spend up to around the £40 mark on something that will literally disappear in flames.

But hang on, the hype must come from something other than the hype, right? Oh yes. The Diptyque candles bring an abundance of loveliness and light (quite literally). First of, the packaging. Come on, even the boxes the candles come in are amazingly beautiful. The glass holders are sturdy, and the labels are just so pretty. On the plus side, the empty candle holders can be re-used. Anna from VDM (one of the beauty bloggers for which I blame my obsession with Diptyque) uses her to hold cotton pads and makeup brushes. Then for the scent. Diptyque offer a wide range of scents, differing from the usual flowery and/or clean sope-like smells you will find with many not-so-blooming-expencive scented candles. I myself have a particularly soft spot for Feu de Bois; a scent that is so warm and comforting that it sends me into the most relaxed state, even when my stressed out mind is speedig away. Collective for the Diptyque scents is that they are quite heavy and masculine compared to other candles. They also give of a lot of scent, and sometimes I don’t even have to light the candle on my desk to smell it whilst working.

When treating the candles as directed (cut the wick between every time you burn it, this will keep the soot away form the glass) they are a long-lasting, ever pleasurable treat. And with all the joy they bring me, I absolutely find them worth a lot. After all, I can always use them for very pinterest-worthy brushholders when they burn up.


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