5 tips for a productive Sunday


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Sunday, often called the day of rest. Actually, it ends up being the day that you get to do everything you never have time for during the week. It goes without saying that Sundays are for sleeping in, long brunches and chilling. In addition to this, it can also be a very productive day, in a non-stressful way. Here are a few things you should devote your Sunday to.

1. Tidy away the week

“A Sunday well spent, makes for a week of content” this is a quote to live by. But in order to prepare for the coming week, you need to leave the past week behind. Clear out any old to-do list, work that is laying around or old shopping lists. If there are tasks that have to be brought into the coming week, write a new (and inspiring) list!

2. Bring in fresh flowers

It is amazing what flowers, or greens in general, can do with a living space. And adding to that, with you and your head space. Bringing in the freshness can set the mood for the rest of your week and really lighten up those Sunday blues. Another way of letting the nature cheer you up, is taking a walk with no goal but to breathe the fresh air.

3. Wash your makeup brushes

Yes it is a very tiresome task. Yes it is too often neglected. And yes, those brushes contain bacteria and nastiness like you would not believe. Put on some good music, break out the soap and get it done!

4. Watch a movie

No other timing is more perfect for a movie, than an early Sunday evening. I often opt for one of two categories; either something light-hearted and inspiring fashion wise (The Sex & the City Movie, Stuck on Love, LOL – yes, it’s Miley Cyrus, but trust me. You’ll be craving flannel shirts like you would not believe) or something more intellectually inspiring (Mona Lisa Smile, Dead Poet’s Society and Perks of Being a Wallflower – be warned, the last one will leave you in an absolute emotional mess. Very good for the creativity!).

5. Go to bed early

Why not set the week of right, and get those eight (who are we kidding, five is more like it) hours of sleep that your body wants and craves.  If you opted for that last movie suggestion, your body will be absolutely exhausted and you’ll fall asleep in no time.


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