Nail it



Pictured from top left: q-tips, Chanel dissolvant doux, Sally Hansen cuticle remover,
Sephora buffing block, 
Trind base coat, Essie polish in Spin the bottle, L’oréal shinissme gel top coat.

Just as a bare face should be prepped for makeup (hey, at least bother with a moisturizer!) the nails should also serve as a clean, blank canvas when adding nail varnish. There are different ways of prepping the nails; sometimes you don’t need to hassle out the big guns. But when your nails are due a good old fashioned manicure, these are some of the products that might come in handy (get it? Handy, nails…).

Anyway. First, start off with a completely bare nail. Use a good polish remover, it doesn’t have to be a high end one but that Chanel sure smells good! When the q-tip or cotton ball makes a little squeaking noise, you know your nail is oil-free and squeaky clean. Then you can move on to filing the nails into a desired shape, and the go on to buffing. Buffing the nails can be harsh, so this shouldn’t be a weekly thing. But buffing down and filing them smooth will make the application of nail polish much less fussy. If you need it you can use a cuticle remover, which will help with all the gritty old cuticle that never make for a fresh look. Apply the remover gel, let it sit for about ten minutes and the push the cuticles back very gently. Rinse the gel of, and if necessary, you cut of the excess cuticle. (Ugh, okay now we’re done with the gritty part!)

When it comes to the actual polish, a good base coat will do you a lot of favors. It will create a barrier between the nail and the colour, thus preventing discoloration. The base coat will also work as a conditioner, and can help with brittle or weak nails. The Trind Nail Repair is an absolute gem, as it really strengthens your nail and prevents breakage. Then apply the desired colour, in thin strokes. It’s better to go in with a second coat, then to have soggy wet nails that never dry. When the nails are completely dry, finish of with a topcoat that will seal the colour and help with longevity.

Making a manicure a part of your weekly beauty routine, will definitely be worth it. How about making it a regular for Sunday evening? That way, you’ll be polished and ready for the coming week. Well, at least your hands are!


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