Light it up

When looking for a little add-on in the makeup way, one does not need to go for the classic bolder lip or stronger eye. If you want a bit of extra umph in your everyday makeup, just light it up. The options are endless; powder, liquid or cream, the choice is yours. Dabbing a bit of highlighter on some special places can take your look from boring to glowing in no time.

We all know that highlighter on the cheekbones will make them appear higher, more enhanced and modell-esque. To give the illusion of bigger and healthier lips, you can apply a little highlighter on your cupidsbow with your fingertip. For more awake and alert eyes, dab the highlighter on the browbone, the center of your lid and in the corners of your eyes. To lift the face, apply a tiny bit of highlighter above your eyebrow where the light would naturally hit you, and over the bridge of the nose – between the eyes. Not a huge effort, but it sure makes a big difference!

Pictured; MAC’s Soft & Gentle on the cheekbones, nose and above the eyebrow. The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer on the eyes and cupids bow.





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