Holy Trinity of Tools



When it comes to beauty tools, there is a world of choices and variations. Do you need a makeup brush specifically for contouring your nose? It’s out there! If you find it hard to work out just where to stop plucking your eyebrows – there are surprisingly many options! To put on an everyday face of makeup, or even for the more special occasions, you don’t need a toolbox full of supplies and 25 makeup brushes (but it sure helps, doesn’t it?).

Today we are breaking down the Holy trinity of tools; not because these are the only three tools you need necessary, but because this is where you should put down your money. A good buffing brush is alpha and omega for any wearer of foundation. They come in many shapes and sizes; from the stippling brush to the beauty blender and the flat foundation “pensel”. But for a foolproof, can’t-go-wrong, easy application; you’re safe with a medium sized buffing brush.

Finding good tweezers is like finding gold (anyone catch the The Hills season 1 reference here? No?); it can take a very long time, you will hit and miss, but when you finally find it – it is so worth it. Tweezerman is (as the name suggests) the king of tweezers. These do not pull or tug, but firmly grip the hairs and takes them away – even the little, annoying ones.

Tweezerman doesn’t only do tweezers, they also do some very good eyelash curlers. They’re not completely up there alongside the Shu Uemura one, but these curlers does the job and does it well. No pulling out of lashes, and if you blow some hot air on it with your blow dryer for a good 15 seconds, the curl will really hold all day. Another tip is to use one coat of a waterproof mascara right after you have curled your lashes. This will hold the curl for longer, and you can pop your favorite mascara on top.


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