Dior Glow Maximizer



When shopping for a primer, the words one go after are mostly ‘long lasting’, ‘pore minimizing’ and ‘eliminates shine’ so going for a primer that includes both the word ‘glow’ and ‘maximize’ might feel a bit backwards and scary. But when it comes to the Dior Glow Maximizer, stepping out of your comfort zone is worth the risk.

Suzie from Hello-October raved about this primer, and her advice is one to take (I sense a Kiehls micro blur skin perfector purchase not  too far into the future, due to her rave about it).  The Glow Maximizer is a great umpher in your routine. It brightens and creates a glow (no shine here, just a warm radiance that looks very natural) without being glittery or too shimmery. The illumination blends nicely with a foundation or tinted moisturizer, making for a very airbrushed finish. The Glow Maximizer can also double as a highlighter, or a base on it’s own if you want to be foundation free and just add some concealer.

There is no siliconey feel to the primer, which makes it light to wear. It might not be enough if your skin is dependant on a lasting primer, but it could easily be used on top of a primer if just for the glow.

If you want that radiant, ‘could this be a mother nature kind of thing’ type of glow, the Dior Glow Maximizer will definitely give you that.


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